Lone Star Bettas

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***PLEASE*** If you have attempted to make contact through the Members area, I am not able to access any of that for some reason.  I am not ignoring you!!!  Please email to lonestarbettas@aol.com  I get email on my phone.  Thanks, Lori/President of LSB

Meeting Time/Place

We do not have any meetings scheduled right now.  Life has gotten in the way.  IF you would like to get notice of a meeting, please send an email to lonestarbettas@aol.com.  For some reason, I can not view or reply to any comments left through the website.  I will send out emails to anyone that would like to attend. I also post notice on our Facebook Events calendar.
(Please check Calendar for show dates)
Joe's Pizza, Pasta, and Subs

4300 Matlock, Ste 100

Arlington, Texas

1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.


We will not be having meetings during the months that we are putting on Shows.  Please see the calendar for upcoming events.  Also according to weather conditions.